Wendell Jones, Ph.D.
Dr. Wendell Jones is Principal Bioinformaticist and Scientific Advisor at Q2 Solutions | EA Genomics. He conducts collaborative scientific research in multiple areas, including immuno-oncology and autoimmune disorders. His background includes analysis, development and validation of the bioinformatic systems that process complex genomic assays, including next generation sequencing assays, evaluating new and emerging genomic technologies, and developing bioinformatic and biomarker implementation strategies. He consults with clients and provides thought leadership in industry and public consortiums, including the MAQC/SEQC consortiums, involved in genomic science and measurement.  

Dr. Jones received his BS in mathematics at Furman University and his MS and PhD in math sciences (emphasis in statistics) at Clemson University.  He has over 17 years of experience in advanced genomic technologies and biomarker development and 22 years of experience in scientific and technology leadership positions.   In addition to his duties at Q2 Solutions | EA Genomics, Dr. Jones is currently President and founding member of the Board of Directors of the Massive Analysis and Quality Control Society (MAQC Society), a relatively new society devoted to enhancing reproducibility in scientific methods, especially in “Big Data” areas such as genomic science.    He is author or co-author of over 50 peer-reviewed publications in genomics and engineering.