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Empowering sites and customers with tailored solutions

Learn more about how Q2 Solutions is leveraging the power of the award-winning IQVIA Infosario® platform to transform the way customers and investigator sites interact with their clinical trial and lab data by enabling self-service, near-real-time access to critical safety results and operational metrics to drive quicker decisions and better outcomes.

Enabling quicker decisions for delivery excellence

Master your lab data with Infosario® Analytics

Infosario Analytics provides the innovation to accelerate success by empowering customers with clear insights and confident decisions  Read More
  • Enhanced oversight through advanced analytics and reporting platforms allow you to quickly make important connections and identify risks before they become problems.
  • Near real-time access to critical data from multiple sources in one place helps you quickly and easily spot and act on trends that may impact data quality and patient safety.
  • Meaningful insights and confident decisions in your ongoing trials help assure quality, submission-ready data at trial close, and can also inform your direction in future trial design.

Simplify operations for your Investigator Sites with Infosario® Site Gateway

Infosario Site Gateway provides the innovation to improve productivity by empowering sites with technology to enable better trial outcomes. Read More
  • Q2 Solutions provides investigator sites better laboratory technology solutions to improve productivity. Our secure, easy-to-access and consolidated lab operations hub reduces errors and data omissions for increased speed and efficiency.
  • We empower investigators and study coordinators through innovative and intuitive self-service tools that deliver streamlined communications and optimize oversight of patient safety.
  • Simplified tools designed with the help of investigator sites reduce the burden of day-to-day activities and lead to higher site satisfaction and faster trial outcomes.

Insights to change directions and shape outcomes

Our powerful analytics solutions and easy-to-use tools for investigators work together to enable more effective trial performance measurement and more efficient lab communications, optimizing your trial outcomes.
Helping you master your lab data

Improved oversight with your lab data now in full view

Simplifying lab operations for investigator sites

Powered by IQVIA Infosario® Site Gateway

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