As a central laboratory services company, our testing processes in our network of labs throughout the world are harmonized via identical instrumentation, reagents and SOPs. Safety testing and drug efficacy testing are important services we provide. Additionally, sponsors rely on our central laboratories to provide logistics for shipping specimen collection kits to investigator sites, and for shipping patient samples to laboratories for testing. We provide specimen collection kits for blood, urine, tissues or other specimens, a courier network, specimen biorepositories, and project and data management.

Laboratory Testing Categories

The testing of specimens is essential to supporting drug development, from the safety of a new compound to predicting which patients might benefit from a particular therapy. Test menus include safety testing, immunoassay, flow cytometry, anatomic pathology, genomics, biomarkers, and bioanalytical. Sponsors may require laboratory testing and central laboratory services together from a single provider. We offer assay development services and all of the testing categories above.

Sophisticated Sample Tracking Systems

With the growth in volume of oncology studies and more complex testing comes the need for more sophisticated sample tracking systems. Sponsors need to know what samples they have access to and what consent they have obtained from clinical trial participants, for any future testing use. BioFortis, a Q2 Solutions company, is a leading biospecimen and consent tracking solution company.

We are a leading clinical trial laboratory services organization with end-to-end laboratory services and secure, enterprise-wide biospecimen and consent management solutions.  Our central laboratory services include:
  • Project management
  • Global investigator support services
  • Courier services - sending kits to sites and samples to laboratories
  • Lab data management services
  • Lab monitoring services
  • Specimen management and storage services
  • Third-party laboratory management
Our full set of central laboratory services supports a broad spectrum of development needs, and our delivery capabilities help assure that you get the high-quality data you need for regulatory approval. Contact us for more information.
Global Clinical Trial Laboratory Services

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