Biobanking & Specimen Management

Your biological samples are irreplaceable assets in your drug, medical device or diagnostic trial, trust them to a proven partner

You can trust Q2 Solutions to preserve the integrity of your biospecimens for as long as you need to store them. Robust SOPs guide our operation and contingency planning to ensure the highest standards of biopreservation.

Tailored biobanking solutions

  • We have a broad range of biobanking services and technologies to align with your protocol and storage needs
  • Storage and tracking at multiple temperature levels
  • Freezer monitoring, utilizing automated, calibrated systems with appropriate alarms/alarm escalation
  • Rapid response to any alarms to maintain sample integrity
  • Proactive, comprehensive edit checks upon receiving biological samples
  • Consultation and customized kits for biopsy transportation, receipt, storage and shipment
  • Customized implementation to your specifications
  • Liquid nitrogen storage available globally
  • Long-term storage can handle all sample types, including DNA/RNA samples, and tissue blocks and slides--with full tracking between blocks and slides

Delivery excellence

  • With 100,000+ samples shipping every month, we know what it takes to effectively manage your biospecimens
  • A dedicated team of specimen management and storage personnel with oversight of all storage sample handling, from receipt, to storage, to pull/discard
  • Global locations including the US, Europe, and Asia
  • Compliance with security restrictions, to ensure that freezer rooms have limited access
  • Freezer monitoring, utilizing automated, calibrated systems with appropriate alarms/alarm escalation
  • Rapid response to any alarms to maintain sample integrity
  • Clear visibility into your inventory, including real time updates
  • Shaping outcomes

    As part of Q2 Solutions end-to-end services, the Q2 Solutions Biorepository network stores >12M specimens globally at -20°c, -70°c, LN2 (Liquid and Vapor Phase), 2-8°c, 18-24°c (including desiccators). We routinely execute ~5000 outbound shipments per month, with a 40:60 Ad-Hoc /Scheduled split.  Our teams regularly manage specimen discards in varying volumes from 1 to 200,000 specimens in a single request.

    Specimen management

    For worry-free collection and processing, Q2 Solutions central labs take a proven approach to specimen handling. Through our global network, we share sponsor requirements, best practices and study-specific requirements with all our regional laboratories. Applying the latest knowledge and experience to our global SOPs, we protect the integrity of your laboratory samples and reduce pre-analytic variability.

    Q2 Solutions handles the incoming specimens and requisitions and processes them upon receipt in the laboratory - seven days a week. Samples are tracked until lab testing is completed or the sample has been assigned a permanent storage location.

    Specimen Processing personnel routinely provide feedback to the project management team and notify them of any issues with sites' compliance with the completion of the requisition, specimen collection, and/or proper transportation.
    Q2SM Central Laboratory Services

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    Q2 Solutions Central Laboratory Services

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