Assay Development Services

With the rise of personalized medicine, drug developers are relying more on novel biomarkers to improve their success.

Tailored solutions

QSolutions’ customers have access to one of the most extensive routine and specialty testing menus in the industry. In addition our technology partnerships and internal assay development programs have produced a large offering of novel biomarkers.  Since 2012 Q2 Solutions has developed more than 150 new biomarker assays each year.  

Our Translational Science laboratories are strategically located in Atlanta, GA and Edinburgh, UK.

Delivery excellence

Each central lab is staffed by dedicated teams of scientists and fully equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and standardized instrumentation. You'll find the R&D support you need including expertise in fluid, tissue and cell-based assay development for biomarker testing as well as a range of methodologies to address the specific biomarker and assay development demands of your study. 

Learn more about our end to end biomarker capabilities.

Shaping outcomes

Our experts in biomarker discovery are providing a better understanding of therapeutic targets, molecular signaling, drug biology and patient response. Q2 Solutions has over 20 years of biomarker development, validation and deployment experience. Those insights add significant value as we develop new assays for your trials.

Learn more about our central labs capabilities including our companion diagnostic and specimen management services.
Q2 Solutions central laboratory services in China

Local Chinese market knowledge with global experience to support your local, regional or global development program

Simplifying lab operations for investigator sites

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Helping you master your lab data

Improved oversight with your lab data now in full view

Genomic Based Solutions for Your Immuno-oncology Drug Development Needs

Genomics-based biomarker approach

Q2SM Oncology Infographic

Providing one global lab partner to support your oncology research from discovery to post-market

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