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As a Project Manager within the Q2 Solutions Graduate Scheme, you will embark on a development program designed to accelerate your career with Q2 Solutions. You will complete our proprietary Project Manager training that will enable you to perform in role – just like our other Project Managers. However, you will also have exposure to the complete spectrum of Q2 Solutions activities.

As a Graduate Scheme Project Manager, you will complete a rotation of short placements in key operational departments. You will learn how a database is built and how client data is managed. You’ll learn to build the kits we use in our trials, and see how they are shipped and how samples are received, tested and stored back at the laboratory in addition to how the lab data generated is communicated to the sites for sharing with the patient and to the client to allow the key analyses and reviews to be completed. You will experience the vast range of tasks needed to deliver the laboratory testing on a clinical trial. These experiences will help you to become a strategic thinker and understand what it means to deliver lab services in a highly competitive marketplace.

During your rotations, you will build business connections that will help you to develop and grow in your role. We expect high performance and recognize that you'll need support and guidance to succeed; accordingly your mentors will be our highest performers.

You will have regular meetings with a range of our experts including our senior management team, customer management leads, operational excellence group and our finance team. These relationships will help you to build business acumen and to understand what it means to be a leader in Q2 Solutions.

Your development and your career will be in your hands. You will need to embrace the varied experiences and challenges of the program to maximize your development. Your objective is to apply your knowledge and behaviors to the Project Management role to achieve excellence in project delivery.