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Elaine Lowey
Senior Director, Project Services (Europe), Q2 Solutions 
Years with Q2 Solutions: 16 years
University attended: Strathclyde University

I joined Q2 Solutions after graduating from Strathclyde University in 2000 and initially entered into an Operational role responsible for the reporting and monitoring of projects. Sensing the “buzz” within Project Management, I actively pursued a career as Project Manager and secured a position within 18 months. After two years as a Project Manager, I progressed into a new career as a Manager, responsible for a team of Project Managers, supporting clients and internal department level initiatives. During my management career, Q2 Solutions actively supported and encouraged my personal and professional development and enabled me to develop a full strategic and leadership skill-set. As a result of the development initiatives at Q2 Solutions, I was able to assume the role of Associate Director where I was able to operate globally across the wider Q2 Solutions business. In October 2013, I successfully advanced my career by obtaining a Senior Director level role, leading Q2 Solutions European Project Services department, which is where I remain today.

Rachel Everett
Associate Project Manager, Q2 Solutions
Years with Q2 Solutions: 1 year (Currently on Q2 Solutions Graduate Program)
University attended: University of Strathclyde

I completed a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Strathclyde, and graduated in 2015. I was first made aware of the Graduate Scheme early last year through a University Careers email. It was the first opportunity I stumbled across that did not involve working in a laboratory, and that grabbed my immediate attention. Further research into the roles and expectations of a Project Manager made it clear that I had to apply, as I quickly realised this was the career path I wanted to pursue. I put a lot of time and effort into researching the company and preparing my initial application form, and was rewarded with an invitation to the assessment centre. A month or so later I was offered the job and a year on I’m reflecting my development within the company.

The rotations in various departments allowed me to quickly forge strong working relationships in every corner of the business, to the point now where I can’t go for a coffee without having a quick catch-up. This inter-departmental network ensures that I always have the support I need, and as no day is ever the same in this role, I hold these relationships with great value. I soon gained global exposure to live clinical trials and built upon previous knowledge of the industry, allowing me to confidently lead calls with both my international counterparts, and clients. I have worked with many high profile customers and learned how expectations differ between pharmaceutical companies, and most importantly how to exceed them. I have now been awarded several of my own trials and thoroughly enjoy the daily challenges and responsibilities that they bring. Knowing that the company put their trust in me to lead complex studies is a fantastic confidence boost.

All aspects of the graduate scheme so far have built upon my personal and career goals. There are clear progression pathways within Q2 Solutions and I aim to work my way up with the continued training and support provided.

Rhona Galloway
Associate Project Manager, Q2 Solutions
Years with Q2 Solutions: 1 year (Currently on Q2 Solutions Graduate Program)
University attended: University of Strathclyde

I graduated in 2011 from the University of Strathclyde with a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and Pharmacology. I then continued my studies at Strathclyde with a PhD in Experimental and Targeted Radiotherapeutics and graduated in 2016. 

I became aware of the Graduate Scheme through my University careers service and was attracted to this due to the excellent reputation that the company has within the industry and the prospect of getting in depth training in every aspect of the business. 

During the first year of the graduate scheme rotations in various departments allowed me to develop good inter-departmental links which are imperative to the successful execution of clinical trials. This experience also allowed me to expand my knowledge of both Q2 Solutions as a business and the industry as a whole to work efficiently with a broad range of clients to troubleshoot any issues arising throughout the lifetime of a study, and also act proactively to foresee any issues which may be encountered by other departments. 

Assigning of an experienced project manager as a mentor provided essential support and opportunities to gain first hand exposure to the challenges faced during the lifetime of active trials. This support remains ongoing since being aligned to several of my own studies and coupled with the training I received as part of the graduate scheme has allowed me to lead these trials with confidence. 

Joining Q2 Solutions as a graduate has given me the opportunity to pursue a career in a fast paced industry where seeking improvement through innovative thinking is encouraged. 

Stephanie Vallot
Associate Project Manager, Q2 Solutions
Years with Q2 Solutions: 1 year (Currently on Q2 Solutions Graduate Program)
University attended: University of Edinburgh

I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2015 with a Masters degree in Chemistry. During my final year at University, I heard about the Graduate Scheme via the university careers page. I attended a networking event within the University where Quintiles staff members provided further information about the company and Graduate Scheme, and answered my many questions. This inspired my enthusiasm about both the company and the role, which share my passion and values for improving human health worldwide. I was delighted when, a few months later, I received the communication that I had been accepted on to the scheme. 

Within a year of working within Q2 Solutions, I feel that I have grown substantially both professionally and personally. Spending time within each department has allowed me to gain a hands on, extensive understanding of all processes within the company and also build working relationships which drives the team culture within the company. I have gained valuable exposure to the design, set up and execution of live clinical trials from both a global and regional perspective. This experience has given me the knowledge and confidence to successfully manage several studies as Global Project Manager, working with high profile clients and delivering exceptional quality day to day. 

This year has passed by very quickly and I cannot believe how much knowledge and experience I have gained in such a short time, which is testament to the graduate scheme and continued support network. I love working as part of such a driven and passionate team, and look forward to continuing to develop my skills and progress within the Project Manager role and upwards. 

Eilish Wells
Associate Project Manager, Q2 Solutions
Years with Q2 Solutions: 1 year (Currently on Q2 Solutions Graduate Program)
University attended: University of Sussex

When I graduated from the University of Sussex in 2014 with a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science, I was ready for a challenge. I had spent a long time trying to find the right career path, so when the Graduate Scheme with Q2 Solutions presented itself, I was determined to apply and find out more about the role. It sounded like the perfect opportunity for me to work at the cutting edge of science (without wearing a lab coat). In addition, it was the chance to use my communication, organization and people skills to manage and deliver projects on a global scale. 

I was delighted when I was offered the position and it didn’t matter to me that the job was based 450 miles away since I felt it was the right job for me. I relocated to Scotland and a year later I still do not regret the decision. This job has been a fantastic insight into the working world of central labs and one where I have not stopped learning and developing myself. The role includes rotations with various departments, which have truly allowed me to understand how different departments function and unite to achieve a common goal. I have gained understanding of exactly where the role of Project Manager comes into play and I am working to achieve my full potential within that role. I have experienced many different things and learnt so much from building lab kits to aiding client queries and there are always new challenges which keep the role engaging.

I never thought I would be leading conference calls at a global level, coordinating the delivery of kits across China or even have the chance to travel across Europe as part of my role. Being part of Q2 Solutions has allowed me to achieve all of this and so much more. I look forward to progressing my career and building on my skills within the area of project management.

Mari Eltermann
Associate Project Manager, Q2 Solutions
Years With Q2 Solutions: 1 year (Currently on Q2 Solutions Graduate Programme)
University attended: University of Edinburgh

I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Master’s degree in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry with Industrial Experience. The first time I came across the Graduate Scheme at Q2 Solutions (Quintiles at the time) was via an email communication from the Careers Service of The University of Edinburgh. I became attracted to this scheme as it offered me an excellent opportunity to apply my scientific background to a management role. I have always been interested in working in a pharmaceutical industry and the Graduate Scheme enabled me to make a smooth transition from working in a laboratory to an office-based environment. A month after my graduation, I was privileged to be offered a position at Q2 Solutions and in September 2015, I enrolled into the Graduate Scheme.

I was welcomed into a very friendly and motivated team who readily provided a much-needed support to help me to settle into my new job. Within the first six months, I joined a number of operational departments to gain an insight into their role in the company which made me appreciate how they contribute to running a successful clinical trial from Q2 Solutions’ perspective. I was introduced to a wide range of activities from preparing study-specific kits to handling specimens once received back at central labs. Needless to say, no matter which department I undertook my rotation, I was always welcomed to a super-friendly and a very supportive team. The contacts I made during those first months at the company have proven incredibly useful and whenever I need help or an answer to a department-specific question, I know who to get in touch with.

Furthermore, on day one, I was assigned to a mentor who has been my first point of contact for any questions or concerns. My mentor has played an immense role in settling in to the role of a Project Manager. Once I had completed my rotations in operational departments, I had an invaluable opportunity to shadow my mentor and learn how a clinical trial is set up during its design phase. The shadowing experience enabled me learn about the key meetings we hold with the sponsor, prepare the required documentation, and overall, understand the role of Q2 Solutions in a clinical trial. As my confidence grew, I was given an opportunity to lead calls and be the first point of contact to the sponsor as well as internally to any operational departments and the study teams in other regions.

At this stage, I am very happy that I decided to apply for this position. The first year has proven to be a satisfyingly steep learning curve. From a fresh university graduate, I have become a confident Project Manager capable of leading key meetings with sponsors at a global level, understanding how different databases are maintained at Q2 Solutions, and having a comprehensive overview of all activities concerning a specific study. Having said that, I continuously look forward to any additional opportunities to develop, grow and ultimately excel as a Project Manager.

Geri O'Hara
Senior Project Manager, Q2 Solutions 
Years with Q2 Solutions: 6 years
University attended: University of Glasgow

I graduated in 2009 after studying a BSc in Anatomy at Glasgow University and started my career with Q2 Solutions as a Project Coordinator in January 2010.  The role provided exposure to a wide range of global clinical trials for high profile clients as well as allowing me to gain a good understanding of what we do as a business.  I was very motivated and driven to progress, and in January 2012 was promoted to Associate Project Manager. This was my opportunity to demonstrate how much I had learned and use my experience to effectively deliver projects for our clients.  Q2 Solutions really supported my development in the Project Manager role and as I became more confident and my experience grew I became involved in a wider range of initiatives that really helped me to diversify and expand my knowledge of the business and wider industry.  At the start of 2014 my hard work and expertise was recognised by way of another promotion, this time to Project Manager.   

My 6 years with Q2 Solutions have passed really quickly. I have developed not only professionally but also on a personal level and I’ve received encouragement and support to progress my career from management and my peers every step of the way. There is a real team culture here which I really enjoy. I am looking forward to a long successful future with Q2 Solutions and really feel that I can achieve my career ambitions by working for Q2 Solutions.

Tracy Yule
Project Manager, Q2 Solutions 
Years with Q2 Solutions: 5 years
University Attended: University of Dundee

I graduated in 2011 with a BSc (Hons) in Anatomical and Physiological Sciences from the University of Dundee. I was keen to develop my career within the scientific industry; therefore, I sought after a Project Coordinator job at Quintiles as I was interested in being involved with clinical trials. The project coordinator role gave me solid foundations and exposure to global clinical trials from various indication backgrounds. I developed quickly within the role and was very motivated to progress to the next level in my career. This was recognised by the management team where I was promoted to Associate Project Manager in May 2013. This role has given me a wealth of experience and lots of great opportunities, from travel to sponsor meetings, bid defences, mentoring, supporting management teams in business wide initiatives etc. Management recognise that I am career driven and always help push me out with my comfort zone to allow me to continue developing both as a project manager but also on a personal level. Due to my continued drive and success, I was successfully promoted to Project Manager in October 2014, where I still remain today.

Q2 Solutions really is a great company to work for. I always feel like a valued employee and there is plenty of support when needed. Management is very flexible towards working from home, which is great when trying to balance a healthy work-life balance. I’m looking forward to developing my career within Q2 Solutions and strongly recommend Q2 Solutions to any new candidates.

Gemma Young 
Set-up Manager, Q2 Solutions 
Years with Q2 Solutions: 8 years
University Attended: University of Dundee

I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2007 with a BSc (Hons) in Anatomical and Physiological Sciences.  I always had a keen interest in science, but knew bench work was never going to be for me.  Not knowing what kind of role I should even begin to look for, I took a job as a Scientific Recruitment Consultant.  I used that time strategically to find a position that I could use my current skill-set, but also find a company that had a strong reputation, stability, an appealing pay/benefits package and most importantly, somewhere I could grow. Q2 Solutions ticked all of those boxes for me!  I joined the Set-Up team in 2008 as a Set-Up Specialist and found there were so many avenues for personal growth, rapid promotion and variety that I gained new-found drive to succeed.  With much motivation and dedication, I progressed quickly within the department to Set-Up Manager, finding each job grade very different from the previous, even though it was within the same department.  To this day, it is this diversity that keeps me challenged and focused on the future.

Alex Watt
Associate Director, Operational Client Lead, Q2 Solutions
Years with Q2 Solutions: 9 years 
University attended: University of Edinburgh

Following my graduation in 2006, I decided to pursue a management career in scientific research, and identified a role as a Project Coordinator at Q2 Solutions (then Quintiles laboratories) as a great starting opportunity to do this. I joined the company in 2007 and then after a couple of years learning about the industry and the central lab service environment, I was promoted to Project Manager in 2009. Keen to further develop my professional skills in both project management and the Biopharma industry, the business supported me gaining my Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Medical Representative certification in 2010, and then my Project Management Institute Project Management Professional certification in 2012. In 2013 I was promoted to Senior Project Manager, which led to opportunities in more strategic areas of the business and subsequently, pursuing further personal development, I moved in early 2014 into a role as a Project Management Expert supporting Business Development and Business Transformation activities. In 2015 I joined our Customer Management group as a Client Operations Manager, supporting our delivery on selected key customer accounts, and then in 2016 I was promoted to my current role of Associate Client Operations Director.

Joanne Legg
Associate Set-up Manager, Q2 Solutions
Years with Q2 Solutions: 3 years
University attended: Queen Margaret University

I graduated in 2012 with a BSc Honours degree in Applied Pharmacology from Queen Margaret University and I started my career at Q2 Solutions as a Lab Project Set-Up Coordinator in May 2013. The main attributes that attracted me to this role and company was that it is a global company with many opportunities and career paths; however, it still held the feel of a family atmosphere, and the role itself was a new challenge in fast paced environment. Following joining the company in 2013, I quickly gained an understanding of my role and the role of the company within clinical trials and through my own drive to progress within the company and with support from management I got more involved in a variety of quality initiates which has expanded my knowledge of the wider business and has provided increased my exposure and profile within project services. In May 2015 my progression was awarded with a promotion to Senior Set up Coordinator. I have had lot of exposure to high profile clients and clinical trials during my time at Q2 Solutions which has come with its challenges, this has only enhanced my problem solving skills and let me grow personally and professionally. Throughout 2015 I took on a lot more responsibility and in October of this year again my hard work was recognised and I was promoted to Associate Set up manager. Working at Q2 Solutions is an enjoyable and challenging experience. The fast paced team environment has worked very well with my personality and has allowed me to develop, and I look forward to the years to come within my career here.

Magdalena Jodlowska
Project Manager, Q2 Solutions
Years with Q2 Solutions: 4 years 
University attended: Heriot Watt University 

I graduated from Heriot-Watt University in 2011 with Honours degree in Microbiology and Masters degree in Bioprocessing. I joined Q2 Solutions (then Quintiles) in June 2012 as a Project Coordinator and I was promoted to a Project Manager in December 2013. As a Graduate I was attracted to Q2 Solutions due to its international and established presence in the business and the opportunity to join the ever evolving world of pharma. Since day one I’ve been exposed to working on many high profile global and regional clinical trials and I have witnessed successful marketing of life-saving drugs and how it impacted patients all around the world. Since joining the company I have grown both professionally and personally and developed many Project Management skills. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Investigator Meetings where I met people passionate about developing medicines to treat a range of diseases. Q2 Solutions encourages career progression and there are always plenty of opportunities of career advancement within the company. I’m proud to be part of our Project Services team!