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Author: Kathleen Gray, PhD This is an exciting time to be working in the field of cancer research. Throughout the last few years, amazing strides have been made toward the ultimate goal: to turn cancer into a chronic disease, that with the right treatment, doesn’t have to be a grim diagnosis. As we recognize World Cancer Day on February 4, I think that is definitely something to celebrate. Scientists across the biopharma community are making tremendous progress in the way we diagnose and treat cancer, particularly via the incorporation of personalized or “precision” medicine. The goal of precision medicine is to individualize treatments by tailoring them to the biological characteristics... Read More


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Authors: Victor Weigman, Ph.D. & Patrice Hugo, Ph.D. With advancements in clinical informatics and genomics, there has been a paradigm shift from “one drug fits all” toward precision medicine – taking account of individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle – across therapeutic areas. Precision medicine allows identification of patients who would likely benefit the most from a treatment and suffer the least side effects. For instance, such screening can reveal genetic makeup likely aligned with the molecular mechanisms of action of a drug, increasing the probability of a patient’s response to the therapy. This helps find better matches for existing and novel drugs, with the... Read More


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Genomic technologies can be applied in all phases of the drug development process. In the last of a three-part video series, Patrick Hurban, Ph.D., senior director and global head, Genomic Development/Esoteric Assays at Q2 Solutions, discusses the impact of genomic technologies from early research and development and discovery to clinical development.  In addition he explains why the adoption of genomic technologies is important throughout the project lifecycle. Watch part three Related Services: Anatomic Pathology Services Biomarker Services Central Laboratories Companion Diagnostics Genomic Laboratories Precision Medicine


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