Clinical Trial Sample & Consent Tracking (CTST)

Total Sample Lifecycle Management

Clinical Samples Have Complex Logistics & Lifecycle

Patient samples are the lifeblood of your clinical trials. Our unique software solution tracks these samples through their lifecycle across the ecosystem of sites, labs, biorepositories, and other trial partners. With the increase in importance of patient samples and consent, there is also a dramatic increase in complexity. This complexity stems from the number and variety of sample-based tests, “live” decision-making during the conduct of trials based on sample test results, and the globally distributed nature of the outsourced organizations that handle patient samples. As a result, researchers are facing a number of new challenges.

Traditional Central Lab Scope vs. Comprehensive CTST with Labmatrix™

Labmatrix™ CTST

Using BioFortis Technology to Deliver Deeper and Broader Total Sample Management

  • Clinical Trial Sample and Consent Tracking (CTST)
  • Near Real-time Reconciliation of eClinical Data
  • In Study and Future use Sample Consent 
  • Virtual Biorepository

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