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Small and Large Molecule LC-MS

Accurately measuring and quantifying biomarkers in relevant matrices informs numerous aspects of clinical drug development. Biomarker assays can match patients to appropriate therapies and demonstrate a candidate drugs safety and efficacy, thus illuminating its potential for clinical and commercial success. Q2 Solutions offers a wide range of tailored and integrated liquid chromatography mass spectrometry services to support biomarker testing and quantitation, including LC/MS bioanalysis, LC/MS/MS analysis, hybrid LC-MS assays, small molecule LC/MS, and large molecule bioanalysis.

Our team has extensive experience developing and validating multiplex LC/MS assays of endogenous analytes (e.g., proteins, peptides, lipids) and small/large molecules and their metabolites. Q2 Solutions’ LC/MS/MS bioanalytical services are GLP and GCP compliant to support FDA, OECD, MHLW, and ICH standards.

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