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As increasing regulatory and scientific complexities threaten R&D productivity, you need a bioanalytical and ADME partner who can truly enhance the drug development process. Q2 Solutions offers complete bioanalytical and ADME laboratory services for testing around the globe and across the product development spectrum. We combine knowledge from the collective services provided by our central labs, bioanalytical and ADME labs network, as well as genomics. The result is timely, high-quality, regulatory compliant data that supplies the insights you need to make more informed decisions and instill confidence in your regulatory filings.

We serve many of the largest pharmaceutical, specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world with scalable expertise and innovative solutions.

Bioanalytical and ADME Labs

Q² Solutions / LGC Partnership

With laboratories in the US and China, Q2 Solutions is proud to announce a strategic partnership with LGC — a leading bioanalytical laboratory offering small and large molecule testing for clinical trials in Europe.

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