About Us

Q2 Solutions is focused on helping customers improve human health through innovation that transforms science and data into actionable medical insights

Fueled by the combined resources of IQVIA and Quest Diagnostics, the Q2 Solutions joint venture was formed in 2015 by combining the best of each parent organizations clinical trials laboratory services capabilities in order to provide greater innovation, quality and value for our customers.

Our global laboratory network combines IQVIA’s global scale, clinical trial expertise, and diverse therapeutic experience with Quest Diagnostics’ operational, scientific and quality excellence, supply-chain network, and informatics. 

This unique combination of capabilities allows us to deliver greater innovation, quality and value for biopharmaceutical customers, and to help our customers bring new medicines to market faster.

We offer end-to-end lab services across the development continuum. Discover how we employ the newly integrated Central Laboratories, Bioanalytical and ADME Laboratories, Anatomic Pathology, Genomics, Biomarkers, Precision Medicine, Companion Diagnostics, and Vaccine testing services to shape better outcomes for your drug development programs.

The joint venture was borne out of a shared commitment to quality, customer service and – above all – helping bring new treatments to patients.

Learn more about Q2 Solutions and how we can put our tailored solutions, delivery excellence, and shaping outcomes to work for you.
Q2 Solutions Central Laboratory Services

Optimized logistics, deeper science, better insights

Q2 Solutions Biomarker Services

Providing tools and experience to maximize your biomarker strategy

Q2 Solutions Oncology Infographic

Providing one global lab partner to support your oncology research from discovery to post-market

Best Practices for Integrating Biomarkers across the Drug Development Continuum

A roadmap for a successful biomarker strategy

Anatomic Pathology brochure

Comprehensive in-house end-to-end anatomic pathology and adjunct molecular services

Delivery Excellence

Optimizing the customer experience through innovative solutions implemented with premium service that accelerates drug development outcomes

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