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White Paper
April 19, 2017

Harnessing innovative technologies for clinical trials involving emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases

Authors: Ayaskant Pany, MDSorika van Niekerk, Stephen Mortlock, DSc., Wayne R. Hogrefe, Ph.D., D (ABMLI)

This white paper highlights the challenges of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases such as TB, MSSA/MRSA, and Ebola.  At Q2 Solutions, we support infectious disease clinical trials with a variety of tools including:

  • Niche and novel assay development 
  • DNA & RNA extraction and next-generation sequencing
  • Integrated local lab data management services
  • Global laboratory network held to rigorous quality standards and biosafety protocols

Download this white paper and learn how we are applying the latest technologies to provide insights for developing diagnostics and therapies with enhanced efficacy. These can then be used against target pathogens and their resistant variants for improved safety.

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