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Paul Rhyne, Ph.D. | May 18, 2016

Strategies for Effective Neutralizing Cell Based Assays in Early Immunogenicity Risk Assessment

This presentation discusses the challenges and the importance of neutralizing antibodies assays and a well thought out immunogenicity strategy in drug development to assess and mitigate risk. Immungenicity testing and immunoassays can be a crucial component of your product's development and success. Q2 Solutions services can meet your immunogenicity and immunoassay needs from  method development and validation, through sample analysis and customized reporting. Our scientists have extensive experience developing and validating variety of assays that support drug development including ELISA, Electrochemiluminescence (ECL), and cell-based immunoassays. At Q2 Solutions we can develop and validate custom-designed assays as well as ensure the transfer of existing bioanalytical methods. Contact us to learn more about Q2 Solutions and how we can put our tailored solutions, delivery excellence, and shaping outcomes to work for you.

Paul W. Rhyne, Ph.D., Scientific Director, Bioanalytical and ADME Immunoassay Services