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May 16, 2016

From eligibility to exploratory: planning and implementing biomarker testing for Immuno-oncology trials

Download our immuno-oncology presentation and learn key success factors for harnessing biomarkers in I-O clinical trials for better outcomes. Gain insights into comprehensive, well-defined biomarker strategies to enhance your I-O trial design. Leverage this knowledge to streamline your path to precision medicine and improve patient outcomes. 

This presentation: 

  • Highlights some of the challenges associated with the diverse clinical biomarker requirements of immuno-oncology clinical trials
  • Describes how Q2 Solutions’ laboratories have worked with biopharma sponsors to bring key research tools –including anatomic pathology, flow cytometry and genomics –into immuno-oncology clinical trials
  • Examines the potential for the development of companion diagnostics

  • Linda Robbie, Ph.D., Senior Director, Biomarkers and Global Translational Science Laboratory
  • Radha Krishnan, MD Chief Pathologist and Senior Medical Director 
  • Patrick Hurban, Ph.D.  Senior Director and Global Head, Genomic Development/Esoteric Assays
  • Alistair J. Watt, Ph.D. Director, Translational Science Laboratory, Europe
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