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Immuno-Oncology Perspectives

Immuno-oncology (IO) is one of the most important developments to arise within oncology drug development. It has the potential to improve the lives of countless patients facing cancer today and in the near future. Q2 Solutions is an oncology development partner that understands the complexity of cancer research. 

We offer an end-to-end IO solution from discovery, to clinical development, to diagnostic testing and commercialization brought to you by our multi-disciplinary teams of scientific experts (i.e., AP/molecular, biomarker, CDx, IVD, genomics, and bioinformatics), global access to a wide range of tests and technologies, all backed by a logistics infrastructure, harmonized processes and quality systems that deliver smooth and efficient sample management processes that yield on-time high quality results you can trust. 

Explore how we can support your IO clinical development needs through multiple technologies and innovative new solutions to support this new era of immuno-oncology clinical development.

4 Ways Central Laboratories Shape Immuno oncology Drug Development
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4 Ways Central Laboratories Shape Immuno-oncology Drug Development

The Power of the Central Laboratory for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development

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Fighting Cancer: How Biomarker Testing and 3 Key Research Tools Shape Immunotherapy Drug Development

Planning and Implementing Biomarker Testing for Immuno-Oncology Trials