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Sorika van Niekerk, MSc, UP, SA
Senior Director/General Manager, Central Laboratories South Africa
Sorika van Niekerk is senior director of laboratory operations for Sub-Saharan Africa with a special interest and specific strategy to increase the infectious disease footprint for the laboratory. Sorika joined the clinical research industry in 1999 as a junior CRA. Throughout her years as a CRA, clinical team lead and clinical trial manager, she was involved in various studies including several Phase III flu vaccine trials, specifically focused on pediatrics and geriatrics. Her experience in monitoring Phase II and III trials covers a variety of therapeutic areas, including ophthalmology, infectious diseases as well as in the respiratory field. Sorika has held many leadership positions at Quintiles throughout her career including her role as executive director within Quintiles’ Clinical Operations organization, overseeing all clinical functions for Sub-Saharan Africa. Sorika has a Master of Science degree specializing in medical microbiology.

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