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Chad C. Brown, Ph.D.
Senior Bioinformaticist, Translational Genomics
Chad C. Brown, Ph.D., is a senior bioinformaticist for Translational Genomics at Q2 Solutions.  He works mostly on algorithm development for next generation sequencing data.  Chad has developed novel algorithms for single nucleotide and small insertion/deletion variant detection (VarPROWL), copy number variant detection, differential expression for RNA sequencing, detection of same-species sample contamination and HLA typing using RNA and DNA sequencing data (HLAProfiler).  Chad has over 10 years of experience developing code for classification, prediction and estimation, and has over 6 years of experience in statistical genetics and bioinformatics.

Chad earned a dual B.A. in chemistry and psychology at The University of Rochester, followed by a M.S. in computational mathematics at Duquesne University and a Ph.D. in statistics at North Carolina State University.

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