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Alan Wookey

Scientific Advisor, Oncology

Alistair J. Watt
Alistair J. Watt, Ph.D.

Director, Translational Science Laboratory, Europe

Amir Desai
Amir Desai

Chief Information Officer

Ayaskant Pany
Ayaskant Pany, MD

Medical Laboratory Director and Scientific Advisor Tropical Diseases, Central Laboratories South Africa

Barry Jones
Barry Jones, Ph.D.

Manager, LCMS Biologics and Biomarkers

Chad Brown
Chad C. Brown, Ph.D.

Senior Bioinformaticist, Translational Genomics

Costa Panagos
Costa Panagos

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Hutzler
J. Matthew Hutzler, Ph.D.

Director of In Vitro Metabolism, Bioanalytical and ADME Labs

Jack Henion
Jack Henion, Ph.D.

Vice President, R&D

Jackie Coleman
Jackie Coleman, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor, Molecular and Targeted Genetics Testing

Jenny Zhang
Jenny Zhang

Vice President, Asia-Pacific Operations

Linda Robbie
Linda Robbie, Ph.D.

Global Senior Director, Translational Science, Biomarkers