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DIA China

Meet with Q2 Solutions at the DIA Conference in China this year and learn how our end-to-end lab solutions can accommodate your specific needs on a global scale

Beijing, China | May 23, 2018 - May 25, 2018 | 08:00 - 17:00 Add to Calendar
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About This Event

Q2 Solutions can help ensure the quality of your data as your product pipeline evolves. Our end-to-end lab services can power your study with a large, validated and fully customizable test menu, clinical data management and full-service integration, biomarker discovery and development strategy, early engagement scientific specialists and industry-leading technology to ensure regulatory success at every stage.

We have the deep scientific expertise and dedicated project managers, who understand the scientific and medical challenges of your protocol, to support your drug discovery, precision medicine and clinical development efforts. Our global presence with local knowledge supports you with confidence and expertise wherever you need it, to help you reach your goals on time and within budget.

Each of Q2 Solutions’ central laboratories around the world delivers excellence through our six-sigma quality systems encompassing harmonized processes, instrumentation, tests and reagents, and integrated LIMS systems, to help ensure commercial success for your product.

Schedule a meeting with us at this year’s DIA Conference in China to learn how our experienced scientists and bioinformaticians can help you uncover invaluable insights and add significant value across the entire drug development continuum.

We look forward to meeting you in Beijing.

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