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Test Capabilities

Extending well beyond basic safety testing, our clinical laboratory services include highly specialized esoteric tests, as well as complex biomarkers.

Clinical laboratory testing expertise

Q2 Solutions’ laboratories have specialized testing and custom assay development expertise that can be leveraged to the benefit of our biopharma, medical device and diagnostic customers.

Consult with Q2 Solutions scientists for an end-to-end solution to meet the demands of your clinical program. 
  • Anatomic pathology & histology
  • Immuno-histochemistry, FISH, Hematology 
  • Chemistry coagulation 
  • Immunoassays
  • Microbiology 
  • Flow cytometry, including customized panels & PBMC preparation 
  • Molecular biology (PCR, RT-PCR, SNP analysis, sequencing, Sequenom Mass Array®  etc) 
  • Multiplex analysis (Luminex®, mesoscale discovery, biochips)
  • LC/MS/MS
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