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In 2015 the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) ordered companies responsible for 1600+ new drug applications in China to conduct a “self-examination on the authenticity, integrity and compliance of clinical trial data”. Of those 1600+ drug applications approximately 1,100 applications were voluntarily withdrawn. From a recent interview conducted with an official from the department of drug and cosmetics registration of CFDA, it was learned that some of the data were for nonconformance to the Good Clinical Practices (which could affect the accuracy of the clinical trial results), some were for data incompleteness (which could not be traced back, and were insufficient to demonstrate... Read More

The theme for this year’s World Cancer Day highlights the part we can all play in the fight against cancer.  “We can. I can.” is a call to action for individuals and groups to contribute what they can, either through dedicating their career to finding a cure or through single acts of kindness and support for a loved one with cancer. No single person or single organization can fight the fight alone, but together we can.Q2 Solutions supports the battle against cancer by offering a number of services to support clinical trials. These offerings include cutting edge genomics technologies to power and enhance immuno- oncology (IO) trials where reporting transcriptional response pairs a person to... Read More

Each year, researchers and clinicians renew their determination to make a difference in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer on World Cancer Day.  This year’s campaign theme is “We can. I can.”—an appropriate slogan for a fight that truly does depend on everyone’s contribution. Each person, from donors and patients to scientists and doctors, has a role to play in reducing the global burden of cancer.At Q2 Solutions, we’re attacking cancer from many angles, but one approach we’re particularly excited about is the use of anatomic pathology for biomarker development in clinical trials. This technology can help predict and assess how a patient will respond to immune-oncology (IO) therapies... Read More